Get General Information on Credit and Identity Theft So You Understand the Basics

Good basic information can be found here. Follow all the various links on this page for complete information.

Place a SECURITY FREEZE on your credit reporting

Check HERE for instructions on placing a Credit Security Freeze.

Request a FREE Credit Report of each of the 3 Major Credit Agencies

As a victim of Identity Theft, you are eligible for a FREE credit report. The 3 Major Credit Agencies are: Check the links in the above sections for MORE details.
On a yearly basis, you can obtain a FREE credit report from each of the agencies.
As a victim of Credit Fraud, you can obtain a FREE credit report
Certain States provide additional benefits for receiving FREE credit reports. See if your State provides such consumer rights.

The KEY MESSAGE here is DO SOMETHING right now....
don't sit around and moan and complain until AFTER you've taken all the steps available to limit the impact.

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